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This label was only used on MLP This label was used on releases from to for sure, and we have a copy of Motown which also has this label, so there may be other releases that used it. Although the basic design of the label stayed the same, on issues in the s and s, the map often was not as distinct as on the original label design. We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. Should you want to contact Universal, or should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography which are all out of print , we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Follow the instructions found there.

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I appreciate finding your site. It is very helpful for a”newbie” in TN. We just visited Tenn. Did not see many birds so we were worried about the Bird population. We have allot of the same species in northern Ca. Can wait to add warblers to my life list.

Aired in List of videos in this episode: Title sequence by Natalia Stuyk “Birds of Paradise” segment from Planet Earth supplied by Getty Images; Bird of Paradise Hook Up by Jamie Margary.

This time it was different. Main gate guards refused to let them through, idling the vans for nearly two hours and effectively blocking use of the several commercial entrance lanes. A municipal police truck was parked nearby, the officers observing the activity and in some cases helping the guards maintain a flow of traffic. They took no other action as the crowd maintained its composure. Employees of several commercial boating businesses using the marina were seen standing by the vans discussing the situation.

Traffic whistles could frequently be heard from animated guards waving annoyed drivers through the logjam. Knots of men were scattered nearby, some from the Municipal Delegation having apparently serious discussions. There were reporters from several newspapers taking photos and talking into their cell phones or recorders. A large group of construction workers waited in the shade of trees outside the gate. One Colonos official earlier opined that this could have been avoided if the parties in the dispute talked to each other instead of talking past each other.

A group of commercial boaters in a contract disagreement with the marina ownership had been informed by the Colonos last week that vehicles carrying customers to them would not be allowed to reach boating services due to operating without a contract and would be stopped at the gate beginning March The Colonos, which has operational jurisdiction over Security, was requested by marina ownership to invoke Article 18 of the Colonos bylaws, to wit: Asked after an hour at the scene what would become of the stalled vans, Security Chief Luis Espinosa, concern etched on his face, replied:

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The lineup consisted of three up and coming touring acts as well as a promising local band, livening up the Canoga Park venue on a Sunday night. Decidedly different than the rest of the acts on the bill, the Party dudes nevertheless had the room swaying to their super infectious brand of electronic pop. Having a lot in common with bands such as 3Oh! Apart is their lively songs and energetic stage presence. David Bowles formerly of local hardcore favorite Shipshape and Bristol Fashion and Justin Mulvaney share the vocals and programming duties, and are both charismatic — working exceeding well together.

This wonderful sendup of one of the most iconic clips in the history of nature documentaries is the stunning footage of a superb bird of paradise dancing for a prospective mate.

August 7, The first two dozen albums , have been originally issued — with only a few exceptions — with either the car logo or Motown rectangular logo see below on the front of the record jacket. Many of these have been reissued later, and when reissued after January 1, , they will have the square Motown logo. This is a good indication that they are reissues and not original pressings. Another indication is the label itself see label illustrations below.

Release dates with exact days below come from Motown company records. Other release dates are estimated from other sources such as trade publications. We have attempted to show all alternate covers of which we are aware. This label was only used on MLP This label was used on releases from to for sure, and we have a copy of Motown which also has this label, so there may be other releases that used it. The third Motown label far left was the same as the second label, but the logo lettering was in red and yellow instead of red and white.

The red star was on the right side of the map. This was used on some early issues such as and the second pressings of some early issues such as Although the basic design of the label stayed the same, on issues in the s and s, the map often was not as distinct as on the original label design. A variation of the fourth label far left , used on some issues around , had the record number, title, artist and stereo designation in large bold print.

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For over two decades she has wowed audiences with her striptease performances. But Dita Von Teese looks like shes putting on a more extravagant show than ever. The year-old dancer last week performed at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as part of her Burlesque: Scroll down for video The show must go on: Dita Von Teese has been on the road for her Burlesque: The year-old performer donned pasties and huge feathers on Thursday The performer oozed of classic Hollywood glamour as she participated in the minute variety show which includes four of her different performances.

Bird Of Paradise Costume Miss Cellania • Thursday, November 19, at PM Jaime Margary made this awesome costume in the image of the Superb bird-of-paradise (Lophorina superba).

Bored with predictable, run-of-the-mill stories? How about a bald prostitute beating a man senseless with her purse until he’s on the floor, then spritzing him in the face with a soda water dispenser?! And that’s just the opening scene If that sounds in any way intriguing, there is plenty more to see in today’s featured film, The Naked Kiss Produced, written and directed by maverick filmmaker Samuel Fuller, The Naked Kiss is a fascinatingly unusual and surprising sort of movie.

As I mentioned above, the movie opens with a flailing man being mercilessly pounded by a clench-jawed, angry woman Constance Towers whose wig is snatched off to reveal a totally bald pate. Note, she doesn’t take all his money, just what she feels is coming to her. Next, she reassembles her snaggled and bedraggled wig atop her head and smooths it out the bet she can while the credits roll. The local police chief Anthony Eisley isn’t buying her champagne or her story, at first anyway, as well he shouldn’t.

She’s only using the champagne scheme as a cover for her real occupation as a call girl! Thing is, it turns out he’s not above trying out some of her bubbly himself and swiftly does so. However, once the fizz is gone from their momentary tryst, he wants her to high-tail it out of town. He suggests she cross the river and the state line to a cat house he frequents and get a job there.

After he leaves for work, Towers goes to fix herself in the mirror and winds up taking a good hard look at herself.

Purse Hook Butterfly Bird of Paradise Blue

Do you have a microphone and software combination that you would suggest Chatting on Chilean TV Q. There was some kind of sympathy or friendship between the bands? Saludos Amigo, cuida tu dedo! Atte Ricardo Juarez Reyes A.

Seen below, the Bird of Paradise is nature’s Night at the Roxbury head-bobbing lover bird. They also happen to be one of the best parts of the BBC documentary Planet Earth. When Halloween rolled around this year, local artist Jaime Margary (Website) took it upon himself to .

Friday, September 23, Oxford I had the best day in Oxford today! Each day seems to have been better than the former, but today somehow, seemed exceptional. Morning Chores and Rituals: I awoke at 6. I washed and started on my chores for I had a heap to do in preparation for my departure—alas, all good things have to come to an end. So first off, I did laundry and while the machine was running, I blogged.

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Bird of Paradise is a American pre-Code American romantic adventure drama film directed by King Vidor, starring Dolores del Río and Joel McCrea. It was released by RKO Radio Pictures. In , the film entered the public domain in the United States because the claimants did not renew its copyright registration in the 28th year after.

Wednesday, November 28, Fun Finds: Now, I know that not everyone is a soap fan. I do not watch any daytime serials and haven’t done so regularly since the late s, though I would occasionally tune in to As the World Turns , especially as it drew to a close. Still, I enjoy reading about and occasionally viewing on youtube. In still another of my used book store foraging jaunts, I came upon three vintage magazines, all from the same basic time frame and , and at a buck apiece, they called my name!

I can’t begin to scan and post all the contents, but I do want to share some of the highlights, which I hope you will find interesting or amusing. You may have to open these in a new tab or window in order to read the print or view the pictures properly. First up is Daytime TV from May, Of interest in the news section is a blurb about the upcoming birth of Susan Lucci’s baby, who would grow up to be Liza Huber, a soap opera actress in her own right on Passions from — Astonishingly, Lucci’s career was in high gear before, during and after her daughter’s, thanks to a forty-one year run as Erica Kane on All My Children.

There’s a blurb about two prospective soaps. The other was an adaptation of the film Rosemary’s Baby. This one, surely meant to cash in on Dark Shadows’ success, never came to fruition. There’s a picture of Another World star George Reinholt chewing on some pizza more on him later!

Birds of Paradise [Images]

I have been away, in Hawaii,enjoying myself with my 3 younger sisters as we celebrated the 50th birthday of our baby sister. We lived in Hawaii many years ago. I and 2 of my sisters attended elementary school there, took hula dance lessons there, swam in the ocean and played on the beaches.

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Noah Moore Birds of paradise hook up. The whole bird is then overshadowed by them, the crouching body, yellow head, and emerald green throat forming but the foundation and setting to the golden glory which waves above. And although local people are still permitted to hunt birds of paradise for traditional uses, hunters usually target older males with full plumage, leaving younger males to continue breeding. Birds of Paradise Lyrics So are the two species of Paradigalla, which are polygamous.

With still images, videos, and sound recordings—not to mention old-fashioned notebooks and pens—Scholes and Laman captured courtship displays and behavior previously unknown to science. The iridescent breastplate of the blue bird of paradise glows among intact parrots. The mating cry of one species was described as: In Cornell ornithologist Edwin Scholes and Tim Laman, a biologist and photographer, began planning a quest to document every species of the birds of paradise.

Why would evolution, with its pitiless accounting of cost and benefit, tolerate such ostentation, much less give rise to it? Suddenly he leaps into the air, lands onto the back of one of the females in the audience and mates with her. Then he sways and tilts sideways until he is almost horizontal. Learn more about the inner workings of color in this section.

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From beauty no road leads to reality. Hannah Arendt, in Rahel Varnhagen Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference. Aristotle, quoted in Lives of the Philosophers 3rd cent. See the similar Publilius Syrus observation below. That is what life is.

“Birds of Paradise” segment from Planet Earth (credited as “BBC Birds of Paradise”) supplied by Getty Images; Bird of Paradise Hook Up by Jamie Margary Amalgam by Jack Turpin; Totally Normal by Andrew Benson; Hug advertisement for John Lewis by Julia Pott.

It would help neaten up her desk as well as give her a place for all of her tween magazines. I’ve searched for a while for one to coordinate with the memo board I created click here for that tutorial. I couldn’t find anything I loved. I thought about buying a magazine holder and then covering it with the leftover fabric I had from the memo board, but why spend money on a magazine holder when I could probably make one from scratch. I used the medium size UPS which had a depth of 3″ which would work for the magazine holder.

I put one end of the box together and stood it next to a magazine holder I had in the house from my mudroom. I used my mudroom magazine holder as a guide and traced all four sides. Then using a utility knife, I carefully cut along my pencil line.

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On Lost Boy, their second release on Solid State Recordings, the band fully delivers on the promise set forth with the mighty strains of Unbreakable. Lost Boy is a truly ferocious collection of impassioned musical assaults — complete with atmospheric guitars, driving blast beats, and unbelievably heavy breakdowns. Lost Boy starts out with an ominous threat of an oncoming storm in the background before bursting into the fiery Terra Firma — a metallic masterwork that shows how Mychildren Mybride has grown as a band over the years.

King Of The Hopeless is varied and complex, mixing stunning thrash bits with hardcore inflections — coming up with yet another winning track. Crimson Grim is mesmerizing in scope, and surely good for some spin kick action in venues all across the nation.

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Natalie French – Hacked to death by Buffy with a machete. The Pack Moloch – Electrocuted when he, in a robot body, punched a console while aiming for Buffy. The Puppet Show Daryl Epps – Ran into the fire and burned to death from when gasoline ignited earlier. Became a vampire after death, but this episode earlier confirmed that vampires are separate entities from the humans turned into them Lie to Me Eyghon – Destroyed by Angel when he tried to possess him.

Ted Mother Bezoar – Killed from the inside by Buffy with a pickaxe. Go Fish Ken – Hit in the head by Buffy with a mace. Anne Ovu Mobani – Impaled through the eyes by Buffy with a shovel. Beauty and the Beasts Lurconis – Incinerated by Buffy with a wire acting as a flamethrower.

Animal Attraction – The Superb Bird-of-Paradise’s Courtship Dance