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The Fish Stick is the choice for everything from big Commons in the north to Gator Gar in the swamps. High-grade aluminum riser and composite limbs will stand up to the abuse that bowfishing deals out. The riser has threaded holes for mounting sights or reels. The package includes a drum reel with line, roller rest, arrow with a Piranha point, Blister Buster finger pads, and no-slip grip. Take-Down design measures 56 inches long with a lb. Our followers are the first to know about any specials or sales we offer! We also have several lines of accessories, bowfishing gear, and crossbows from Parker, Stryker, Carbon Express, Excalibur, Barnett, Mission and more! Click Here to ask us a question or call us at ext.

Bear Kodiak Recurve Auctions

Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: Lots of collector interest in Fred Bear Bows. If in excellent condition maybe a little more. No real added value to someone that wants a hunting bow, and is not purchasing it for the Fred Bear name.

Most Kodiak II’s will be found with the large Standing Bear decal which replaced the small Running Bear decal in Another example would be the few known Kodiaks which don’t have a coin medallion which were supposed to be on all Kodiaks beginning in model year

Some are so effective in holding the muzzle down that the shooter can observe the impact of the bullet on the target. An undeniable aspect of them is that they direct the high pressure gases up and back toward the shooter, that is what makes them so effective. These ports in the barrel harness part of the power of the expanding gases and use it to slow the rearward travel of the firearm and thus reduce the recoil felt by the shooter. This redirecting of the high pressure gas back toward the shooter also directs the noise to the shooter.

They can increase the noise level of firing a shot many times more than what it would be without the brake. The more effective brakes are the loudest brakes. There is also no doubt that this blast to unprotected ears will cause hearing damage. To use a brake on a rifle that is only used at the range or just for target shoots where hearing protection is used there is little problem with them. But to use a muzzle brake on a hunting rifle where the shooter hunter and buddys have no hearing protection, is not a good plan.

Wearing hearing protection is not often part of the program when afield and is almost never used on a hunt. The brake can be an effective tool when learning to shoot or conditioning ones self to recoil of a larger caliber but they are very impractical for hunting. I don’t use them. I no longer hunt with anyone who uses a brake, and I know of many guides that won’t stand beside a hunter who employs a muzzle brake.

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These bows usually have, what appears to be a hand inscription on one of the limbs that gives a serial number along with the length and pull weight of the bow. This serial number works very well for dating Bear Bows from when the first digit of the serial number is the year of manufacture. For example, a serial number of 5L would be a Bow.

The Kodiak Magnum is modeled after Bear’s famous Kodiak, but with a shorter length for more maneuverability. This is a beautiful bow, made using exotic hardwoods and Fred Bear’s classic design. Riser: Radiused, cut-on center shelf with Bear hair rest and leather side plate. 1-piece of exotic Green Maple, capped with green and white :

We have some of the most liberal hunting seasons here in the U. None of us could ever thank enough the early pioneers of the sport that through their tireless efforts put bowhunting on the calendar for all of us to enjoy. Although with the relentless anti-hunters’ threat, there is no doubt that bowhunting would cease to exist without the constant efforts of organizations like The Professional Bowhunters Society, The Pope and Young Club, The Wildlife Legislative Fund, The National Rifle Association and many other national and state organizations.

Maintaining strong support and membership in these organizations is one very good way to keep a solid hold on the good old days. And while we’re into these good old days, how about the vast equipment choices we have today? Have you ever seen as many bow makers as those listed throughout the pages of Traditional Bowhunter? All are ready to make a bow to your every wish and desire. Getting all the necessary information on new equipment is just a matter of a few phone calls and letters while pawing over several of the latest catalogs.

No doubt many of the best bows ever made are being made right now. I’ll bet some bowyer is making some new design right this moment that I can’t live without. A quick way to gather information is to go to one of the larger traditional shoots that are becoming common all across the country. There are always dealers there with tables full of new and used bows and equipment which can be inspected, and in some cases, given a try out on some targets.

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The bow also has a copper BEAR medallion. These bows usually have, what appears to be a hand inscription on one of the limbs that gives a serial number along with the length and pull weight of the bow. This serial number works very well for dating Bear Bows from when the first digit of the serial number is the year of manufacture.

For example, a serial number of 5L would be a Bow. Prior to , the serial numbers for all Bear bows were started over every month, making these bows almost impossible to date by serial number alone.

Modeled after the original, famous Kodiak bow, the Kodiak Magnum was first introduced in as a bow hunter’s dream due to its short length and ease of maneuverability.

One item that sticks out are the vintage Bear Recurve Bows. Recently on an out of town trip we stopped by an old store like we ordinarily do and saw this recurve bow in the corner. Since we were already somewhat well-known with how well bows have sold from selling them for a client we naturally gravitated to it. It looked to be in perfect condition and came with a quiver and 3 dissimilar sets of arrows.

The asking price was 0. Draw Ranger Based on the dating procedures listed below we determined that this was a Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve bow from in perfect condition. It was a 60″ bow with a 44 pull.

10mm is the all

A guy has to hit a ball over a fence with a wooden stick. People get up in these big suits and try to take a ball to the end of the field, and other people try to stop them. Since poodles ought to be social, you should not select one that bites. In June, church leaders from the influential Catholic Church held talks with Lungu and called for the release of the opposition leader in order to ease tension in the country.

It is also used on the Super Magnum and Super Kodiak in the late 60’s (I call these the Black Beauties) and parts of the HC 30, HC and Tamerlane target bows. By all .

Nomenclature[ edit ] The new cartridge was completely identified as the. The nomenclature of the time was based on three properties of the cartridge: The minimum acceptable accuracy of the. After the Sandy Hook tests of , a new variation of the. While the effective range of the. At those ranges, the bullets struck point-first at a roughly 30 degree angle, penetrating three 1-inch 2. It was hoped the longer range of the. As was standard practice with many early U. This patch served to seal the bore and keep the soft lead bullet from coming in contact with the bore, preventing leading see internal ballistics.

Like the cloth or paper patch used in muzzleloading firearms, the paper patch fell off soon after the bullet left the bore.

Remington A manufacture date

FTX and 9mm Luger gr. The development of the. Keith, however, and a small group of big-bore pistoleros, had been documenting their efforts to work up experimental loads based on the.

52′ Bear Kodiak Magnum 45# I bought this bow to use in a blind or tree stand and because it has a more manageable bow weight. I have three Kodiak Magnums and the other two are 50# and 55# and are not as easy to shoot consistantly because of my progressing arthritis and age.

Originally Posted by gumboot I really should avoid these bear threads. All the cns , precise shot placement advocates seldom have much experience in dealing with charging or fleeing bears in thick brush. Crusty described a fairly typical occorance when being charged by a truly Big bear that is in its last year of life. Those are the most dangerous bears.

Hal Waugh, obviously one of the pre emminant bear guides in Alaska was totally sold on his Whby. Morris Tallifson once got up to about 10′ on an unwounded bear in the brush and backed off because he didn’t have confidence he could stop it with his if the client didn’t brain it. There seems to be a group of guys that are real impress with their ability to pull off some near miraculous shot at the instant that most everything has gone wrong.

Some people think larger rifles can’t be shot accurately. So one fall I head shot someSitka Blacktails deer with my Remington with gr bullets that were chronographing just under fps and grainers that were pushing fps. Just saying that if you want to be able to handle a bad situation with a bear.

Hunt Alaska Magazine: #1 Hunting Magazine in the Last Frontier

My early postwar commercial mode in the 3xx serial range exhibits all the prewar action charactistics except for incorporating the low swept bolt handle. It is useful to know that by the 7xx range, the solid left wall had been instituted on the way to eliminating the clip recess and raised bridge area entirely. By the 18xx serial range, the synthesis was complete with the ‘modern’ appearing bridge but retaining the full “C” ring to at least the mid four thousand serial range.

Should you be interested in parting with your specimen, I would be interested depending on how dear it is to you! In any case, a grateful thanks for the photos. I have taken the liberty of adding them to my small photo library for future reference.

New in Box Bear Archery Kodiak Magnum 52″ Left Hand 45LB Green Recurve Bow See more like this. NICE VINTAGE EARLY 70s BEAR SUPER KODIAK 53# RH 60″ RECURVE BOW. Pre-Owned. 52 product ratings – Bear Kodiak Magnum 52″ – 40 # Vintage Recurve bow Green Glass Target Hunter NR. $ Time left 5d left. 13 bids +$ shipping.

Lots Lot Two Case knives. Tony Bose Desk knife with genuine stag handles, and a modern era Citrus knife with smooth white bone handles, serrated blade, and leather sheath. One is “We did not forget” with the blade etched “We got him, operation Neptune Spear” and the second is a Genuine US Currency collection with a gold etched spay blade, and the master blade etched “Indian Head Nickel”.

A genuine Indian Head nickle is included. Both presentation boxed and mint. Both mint in presentation boxes. Carpenter’s whittler, 6 dot. There is a ding on the Damascus that looks to be a soft spot in the Damascus that has likely been there since the knife was made. The set comes with a round clear plastic dome, but one of the vertical stands the knives rest on is broken and would need to be reglued. Knives are mint except as noted. Wood pen and matching 2 blade pocketknife designed by Tony Bose tb ss in presentation box and a Civil War commemorative trapper with smooth blue and gray bone handles on a pieced handle.

General, Sergeant, and Lieutenant, all lockbacks, with thermoplastic handles. Pilot, Gent with stag handles, 4 star mini with stag handles, and jigged red bone 4 star mint.

Fair price on old Bear Kodiak Magnum

Sky Buster March 23, , 9: Bears have a way of sneaking up on you. A large caliber handgun is a must. Good luck… It is not as if that information is widely out there..

May 17,  · This serial number works very well for dating Bear Bows from when the first digit of the serial number is the year of manufacture. Grip: ALL Bear bows had leather grips until In , the Kodiak Special removed the leather grip and in the Kodiak did the same, as well as the Grizzly in Super Magnum 48

A brief history Dating back to the FBI Miami shootout which resulted in the creation of this cartridge. The 10mm never gain popularity and accepted by law enforcement agencies around the country. This was due to the excessive recoil which many to-be, and in the field LEO who scored poorly. Full power 10mm sits between between the. Subsequently, in the past couple of years the FBI decided to switch to the 9mm. For your urban EDC concealed carry, the common chambered 9mm handguns are perfectly suitable and preferred for stopping the two legged beast.

The 9mm is my EDC choice of caliber for urban carry. Shot through watermelon and a wet newspaper pack. Side view Defensive use While out in the woods, National Forest and wilderness.

American black bear

Nothing has grown so fast and furious in the hobby of Archery Collecting anywhere near the growth that collecting Bear Archery memorabilia has. It doesn’t seem to matter what the item is, be it broadhead, bow, catalog, or even LP record albums of Fred telling hunting stories, if it says Bear Archery on it, someone wants it bad!

In this article, I will present an overview of Bear Archery, and give you just a taste of the different items which you should be looking for.

Nov 12,  · Based on the dating procedures listed below we determined that this was a Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve bow from in excellent condition. It was a 60″ bow with a 44# pull. After we got the bow to our store we noticed that inside the big quiver was a smaller single quiver.

Just lately on an out of city journey we stopped by an vintage retailer like we normally do and noticed this recurve bow within the nook. Since we have been already considerably acquainted with how nicely bows have bought from promoting them for a consumer we naturally gravitated to it. It seemed to be in glorious situation and got here with a quiver and three completely different units of arrows. Based mostly on the relationship procedures listed under we decided that this was a Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve bow from in glorious situation.

After we acquired the bow to our retailer we seen that inside the massive quiver was a smaller single quiver. The outcomes of the auctions are listed on the finish of this text. These bows normally have, what seems to be a hand inscription on one of many limbs that offers a serial quantity together with the size and pull weight of the bow. This serial quantity works very nicely for relationship Bear Bows from when the primary digit of the serial quantity is the yr of manufacture.

For instance, a serial variety of 5L can be a Bow. Previous to , the serial numbers for all Bear bows have been began over each month, making these bows virtually inconceivable so far by serial quantity alone. In the small Operating Bear decal was first after which was changed by the big Standing Bear decal in mid The massive Standing Bear decal was used till when it was changed with silk-screening the identification on the bows.

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