The mestizo population of the Philippines was caused by the high exposure to multiracial society throughout its history. The Spanish deliberately implemented incentives to entangle the various races together to stop rebellion: For that purpose, the Spaniards of the country, the Chinese mestizos, and the Filipinos shall be admitted with perfect equality as cadets of the military corps; the personal-service tax shall be abolished, or an equal and general tax shall be imposed, to which all the Spaniards shall be subject. This last plan appears to me more advisable, as the poll-tax is already established, and it is not opportune to make a trial of new taxes when it is a question of allowing the country to be governed by itself. Since the annual tribute is unequal, the average shall be taken and shall be fixed, consequently, at fifteen or sixteen reals per whole tribute, or perhaps one peso fuerte annually from each adult tributary person. This regulation will produce an increase in the revenue of , or , pesos fuertes, and this sum shall be set aside to give the impulse for the amalgamation of the races, favoring crossed marriages by means of dowries granted to the single women in the following manner. To a Chinese mestizo woman who marries a Filipino shall be given pesos; to a Filipino woman who marries a Chinese mestizo, Ioo pesos; to a Chinese mestizo woman who marries a Spaniard, 1, pesos; to a Spanish woman who marries a Chinese mestizo, 2, pesos; to a Filipino woman who marries a Spaniard, 2, pesos; to a Spanish woman who marries a Filipino chief, 3, or 4, pesos.

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Filipino people , Filipino Mestizos are two kinds of distinct races shall be erased from the minds of the natives, and the families shall become related by marriage in such manner that when free of the Castilian dominion should any exalted Filipinos try to expel or enslave our race, they would find it so interlaced with their own that their plan would be practically impossible. Philippine-born children of mestizos and mulattoes from Hispanic America were classified based on patrilineal descent.

The indigenous peoples of the Philippines were referred to as Indios for those of pure Austronesian descent and negritos. Indio was a general term applied to native Austronesians as a legal classification; it was only applied to Christianised natives who lived in proximity to the Spanish colonies. Persons who lived outside of Manila, Cebu, and areas with a large Spanish concentration were classified as such:

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Definitely, the place is far from the chaotic and busy city life. While Islas de Gigantes Gigantes Islands started to attract a good number of tourists both local and abroad, the place is still free from the usual beach party life like the most popular beach or summer destinations are offering. Islas de Gigantes a. The rich vast blue seascape brimming with rich marine life; interesting caverns and caves; Palawan like rock formation s and the long stretch of white sand beaches are just some of the reasons for people to visit the place.

Barosbos, Carles — But we divide the fee because I was with a friend. The room we got can actually accommodate 4 pax. So if you are traveling as a group, you can even save more. Our dinner was sponsored by friends who are staying in Carles. The reason why we stayed overnight at Barosbos is for us to arrive at Bancal Port before 9 am.

Realizing that it will also be convenient for us, we also decided to take the RORO going back to Bacolod.


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It can accommodate for up to 6 persons, so you can really save if you are traveling as a group. Above, I also listed some budget hostels at El Nido, you can book your room there. Food On your way to El Nido, the Van would stop to various places for some leg stretching and to have your lunch or dinner. You can have your meal during this time for around P P Some hotels offer free breakfast, otherwise, you can have it in any resort while waiting for your boat for the Island Hopping Tour at around P P For dinner, you can enjoy the place by enjoying a dinner in some bars and resort fronting the shoreline.

Food at El Nido is quite pricey. You can prepare between P P for your meal, depending on what you will order of course. If you are on a tight budget, there are some food stalls and a convenience store selling food too. Normally, the tour operator will pick you up from your hotel, unless otherwise stated. So if you are want to go back to Puerto Princesa after the tour, you should inform ahead the tour operator of your schedule and arrange for your hotel or the transportation company of your schedule.

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Sidebar Our retirement in the Philippines… My wife and I have chosen the Philippines as our retirement home and lived here full time since The wonderful people are its treasure. Thousands of doctors, nurses and seamen are trained in Iloilo every year.

One of the most prominent of Iloilo’s icons, the Church of St Anne at Molo District is the only Gothic church outside Manila. Her beauty and unparalleled heritage stands out; giving every visitor an experience of awe and joy.

Enjoy a City Tour of Iloilo Iloilo City is a tourist hub where the best restaurants, museums, hotels, shopping districts, and nightlife in the province await. It is most known for the annual Dinagyang Festival, exquisite heritage sites, deliciously fresh seafood, and signature Ilonggo dishes. Watch thousands of Dinagyang Ati performers fill the city streets as they dance in sync to fast-paced thundering drum beats. The best time to start your leisurely walk along this landscaped promenade is during late afternoons to catch the beautiful sunset view.

Iloilo River Esplanade under the dusk twilight. The most popular dance clubs and bars are located in Smallville Complex. There are also more chill spots to be found in other areas of the city. Get your caffeine fix or have a spa day.

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You asked for another assignment sa Ozamiz, namatay ang mayor doon – si Parojinog. Ngayon gusto mo sa Iloilo kasi nga si Mabilog has been identified as a protector,” Duterte said. Will he remain alive? Gusto ko nang tanungin kasi ako naman ang pagbibintangan. Ikaw ang nagbaril diyan tapos ako ang mapa-publish kung saan-saan. Espenido became controversial after the local chief executives in the areas where he was assigned were killed in police raids, the conduct of which were being questioned by human rights groups.

He was then transferred in December to Ozamiz City, another area known for its links to the drug trade and crime gangs. Who are the Parojinogs of Ozamiz? Espenido has denied any irregularity in the conduct of the drug raids. He also maintained that the Parojinogs had links to the illegal drug trade. In an interview with ANC’s Headstart earlier this month, Espenido told local politicians to simply step down from their posts to ” extend ” their lives.


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Western Visayas Region is known as Region 6 and is located literally in the middle of the Philippines. It is made up of lots of islands, all of which are absolutely delightful. It also boasts the Philippines number one travel destination Boracay.

This means that it may nestle a number of waterfalls and caves that are yet to be discovered. If you are fond of trekking or mountain climbing, this is the best place for you to be. Brief History This municipality might have been rarely mentioned in promotional materials for tourism in the country. However, this town has an abundance of memories dating back to the Spanish regime.

Also, this term also means to contribute or add some bets in gambling. There were many improvements made to the town during the Spanish rule which lasted around years. These social renovation includes the establishment of a first school in the s.

STI College. Education for the Next Generation.

Kedatuan of Madja-as At the time of the Imperial Spanish conquest , writing was a new import and the use of organic medium such as leaf and bamboo, and no pre-Hispanic written accounts of Iloilo exist today. Oral history, in the form of recited epics, has survived to a small degree, with a few recordings made from the last known surviving binukots. But from these oral history and from writings from other sources, one can still glean Iloilo’s ancient pre-colonial past. The controversial origins of the people of Iloilo is said[ by whom?

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This is an indispensable book for those interested in Philippine native construction. We bought our copy at Tradewinds Books, Intramuros. The plans are just about complete. More on that later. This book not only has hundred of photos of bahay kubos and other vernacular Philippine architecture but also measured drawings of many of them. So they spend five nights per week at the site.

Once the house project is complete, the bahay kubo will be used as a very atmospheric guest house. We decided to build using four concrete corner posts or columns which will extend all the way to the top plate. The columns contain four 10mm rebars which extend above the top of the columns and which will be bent over the top plates to secure the roof strucure from being blown away.

The rest of the building will be built entirely from bamboo and coco coconut lumber. The roof will be of nipa — the thatched leaf of the nipa palm. Construction began on Tuesday, November 3, with a crew of four on site. The standard Filipino column footer and four 10mm rebar column reinforcement.

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Iloilo does not get nearly so many foreign tourists as Cebu and Manila. Places like Boracay, Dumaguete and Bohol see more tourists and have many more resident foreigners than Iloilo. Sometimes, I can spend the day in the city and not see another foreigner.

House for Rent Iloilo Arevalo is located in Iloilo City, 8 km from Calle Real, 6 km from Iloilo Convention Center, as well as 7 km from Casa Real de Iloilo. Housed in a building dating from , this apartment is 8 km from the Iloilo Convention Center. Show more Show less Reserve this vacation rental.

Its architecture, its history? The story of the people who once lived in it? In the old district of Jaro in Iloilo stands a year-old house where the wife of former vice-president Fernando Lopez Sr. The house was built by her banker grandfather Ramon Javellana, and it served both as a residence as well as a bank. In , a vault was installed there and it still exists today. Puckett started the restoration of his ancestral house in The wall finish on the ground floor was carefully chipped off to reveal the original red bricks underneath.

More than 20 coats of paint, applied by various tenants through the years, were removed from the wooden walls. The meticulous restoration work continues to this day. The expansion of the sugar industry saw large migrations from Iloilo to the neighboring province of Negros where the wealth of its old rich is traced to the bounty brought by the sugar boom. The grand old houses and stately mansions that you find in many parts of Iloilo today stand as concrete testimonies to the wealth and grandeur of this time.

Known as the Nelly Gardens, Dona Elena used to have as many as eight gardeners at a time tending to her orchids, roses, milflores and many other varieties of flowering plants. Inside, a used harp, violin, and piano are displayed in the music room that was later turned into a game room with the addition of the very first billiard table ever installed in the city.

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