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How to Use a Verizon Phone on Sprint

Originally Posted by djready First off i want to say hi to everyone and thank everyone for even looking at this thread. I’ve found some great stuff on this web site but so far nothing has worked for me so i figured i would put up a thread and see what i get back. First off i have an HTC one m7 from sprint. What im trying to do is unlock bootloader root it and sim unlock it.

But im am stuck on the first step of my plan.

• Use wired connection in setting up your Wi-Fi Connect to avoid possible setup problems due to wireless uncertainty. • Before setting up your ASUS Wi-Fi Connect, do the following.

Follow techland Before you sign up for that tablet data plan, why not just your phone as a mobile hotspot instead? Essentially, your phone creates its own wireless network, providing data to nearby tablets, laptops, e-readers and iPods. Mobile hotspot is free with all Simple Choice plans. Any data you use counts against your monthly limit, except for unlimited plans, which get 2. You also get the flexibility of being able to connect any tablet, laptop, iPod or e-reader instead of just a single device.

Still, mobile hotspot has some disadvantages. A tablet with its own data plan also lets you get online immediately, without first reaching for your smartphone. For people who spend hours working on their tablets without Wi-Fi coverage, these conveniences could be worth the money. Is it worth switching to a limited plan to get mobile hotspot? That depends on how much data you already use per month, and how much you plan to use with your tablet.

# Cell Phone Hook Up To Laptop #

This is the most important step in this process. Staying organized can save you hours of frustration. Keep a notebook of the connected devices. Use color coded sticky notes or labels to identify which device goes to what cable. Clear some room on the floor in front of the TV. Lay each device on the floor, with some space between each the more space the better.

Apr 11,  · Tethering, or setting up a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, takes the Internet connectivity in your phone and broadcasts it for a laptop, tablet, or other devices that access the Internet. Which phones can.

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Best Sprint Android Phone

Who are we talking about? Sprint is Sprint, you are you, your phone, tablet, or other equipment or accessory is called a device and our Services include our offers, plans and customer care. What does your Service Agreement with Sprint look like? Your Service Agreement includes everything we give you hand to you, email you, read to you, etc. Anything else in my Service Agreement?

Unlimited Plan mobile optimized: video streams at up to p+ resolution, music at up to kbps, streaming cloud gaming at up to 2mbps. Data deprioritization applies during times of congestion. All while on the Sprint Network.

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Can i connect an iphone 4s from sprint to tmobile

Reverse Phone Hook Up – Visit our site to try out how simple you can do a reverse phone lookup of any number you want, it only takes a few minutes. Reverse Phone Hook Up You can perform a reverse phone search by entering the unknown number in the reverse phonebook and the phone number owner information will be provided to you.

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Can i connect an iphone 4s from sprint to tmobile? Janet S I bought an iPhone 4s and it was previously connected to Sprint. It does have a slot for a sim card. Can’t i just get it unlocked and cut a T-mobile sim card to fit the slot? She got it connected to Simple Mobile. Bionca Go to a little side shop that says cellphone repairs not a real chain place and they can unlock it so you can change carriers.

Guest Of course, you can. Check online for factory unlocking Sprint iPhone. Sprint verizon tmobile apple iphone 4 4s 5 5s 5c factory unlock? I bought a sprin and I looked up if I can use a sprint and unlock it for tmobile and majority said no because sprint didn’t have a sim card slot or something but I restored the phone and it does have a sim card slot. All I have to do is get my tmobile sim card. Will I be able to use it? Iphone 4s sprint to tmobile?

How to Activate an Old Verizon Cellphone With My Current Cell Phone Number

Check out the phones here. However, if you really want to use that phone, you can bring it to other companies such as Tracfone and i-Wireless. These are pretty good monthly plans.

Everything you Need to Know About Carriers and Unlocking. but you do need one in the phone. It can be removed once the phone is set up. If the phone is locked to a carrier, a SIM card from that carrier needs to be used. Verizon, and Sprint”. I was wondering since my phone is unlocked, and i have that sim card, am i able to be activated.

There are three main causes bad cell phone signal: The closer you are to a tower, the stronger the cell signal is going to be. Obstacles in the Way The second cause of poor or erratic cell signal is the presence of obstacles between you and the nearest cell tower, like a mountain, hill, or building. Signal is not usually able to penetrate through large obstacles, so it’s not able to reach you.

Brick, block, concrete, sheet metal and wire mesh construction materials are some well-known and obvious blockers of cell service, but things like energy efficient window coatings, tile or metal roofs, and water fixtures can also cause major signal issues. If you find that you have a usable cell signal outside of the building or vehicle, but it drops significantly once you step inside, then construction materials are the most likely culprit.

Combinations of Causes Unfortunately, these causes of bad cell signal frequently work in combination, so you’ll find a rural warehouse with weak outside signal and sheet metal walls that completely block the signal from entering the building, or a house in a valley without a clear line of sight to the nearest cell tower, and no other nearby cell towers with which to receive a signal.

When we’re looking at solutions to solve your cell phone signal issues, it’s good to have an idea of what combination of causes is creating the problem that you’re facing, so that the right solution can be put into place. How a Cell Phone Signal Booster Can Help Now that we have an idea of what causes bad cell signal, it’s time to look at what we can do to fix it. Vehicle signal boosters for cars, trucks, RVs and boats Building signal boosters for homes, businesses and any structure that needs signal Lastly, we’ll cover how signal strength affects coverage and 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.

One of the biggest questions that we get, apart from “what is a signal booster?

can i use my sprint phone to connect to the internet and how what did i need

I decided to start commuting to save money on gas, since I live 18 miles away. I wanted a way to connect my laptop to the Internet so I could get some work done or catch up on email on the way. Here’s what you’ll need for a tethered laptop-cell-phone Bluetooth-enabled cell phone mine is a Motorola Razr V3, but a 3G phone is much faster when it comes to Internet data transfers Bluetooth-enabled laptop, or a laptop with a Bluetooth adapter.

Internet data plan or a dial-up Internet account.

The Wireless Home Phone is the perfect solution for customers who want to reduce their monthly bills. Keep your current home phone number or set up a new one.

Check the user manual for the phone you would like to activate on Verizon to see what type of SIM card it may need. Each varies in size and the Nano SIM is currently the most commonly used on recent devices. If you have an unused SIM card from another device that is the same type as your phone that you would like to activate on the Verizon network then you can use this SIM card.

Alternatively, if your SIM card is not compatible then you can request one from Verizon either via their website or from a local store. Verizon typically does not charge anything for a SIM card. Activate With My Verizon You can activate your old Verizon phone on an existing line by doing the following: Wait for Verizon to send an authorization code to proceed with the activation process.

How to activate your new phone on localhost:81